adventure, romance, pilot, wine, fishing, noodling, frogging

Season One

Noodling in Louisiana
with Bubba Salley
Paranormal Investigation 
Northeast Texas Paranormal Society
Searching for Sasquatch
with Lyle Blackburn
Shark Diving
on Tiger Beach
South Louisiana Frogging
Jude Marcel
Spelunking in the
Ozark Mountains
SUP with Squatch and Siren
Harvest at
Landry Vineyards
Racing with
BJ Robinson
Flying Stunt Planes 
with Kevin Coleman
Treasure Hunting
Cooking with
Jay DuCote

by: Ian Bunch

And a Surprise show that only Lee knows!



Lee DuCote is an author and novelist and an international award finalist in fiction.

Alicia DuCote is a college professor, raccoon rescuer, and an extreme adventurist. 

Together they have traveled over 25 years across the country finding crazy adventures, meeting great people, and visiting beautiful sights.

Now, they are sharing stories and adventures that have strengthened their relationship in hopes to inspire others to get out and be adventurous.   

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